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A team with over 15 years of publishing experience helps small magazines automate their subscription business, attract new readers, reduce costs, and find new digital revenue streams—guaranteed.


More than 250 Trade and special-interest magazines trust us.

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Schiel&Schön Verlags Software mup Verlag ePaper CMS für Special Intrest Verlag springer_fachmedien findet Software für die Verwaltung ihrer Abonnements AbsolutResearch_Logo bodyLIFE Subscription Management for B2B Publishers
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Včelár 100 Year old magazine goes digital and automizes Subscription Management
»311 new subscribers in 3 months and work automated for four employees.«
100-year-old magazine goes digital and automates subscription management. Customers in their 60s are becoming digital readers.
Vladimir Machalik Editor in Chief Včelár
Vladimir Machalik, Editor in Chief, Včelár, Slovakia
Reducing print costs and attracting new readers from Germany and Austria
By launching digital services as ePaper with innovative reading mode and setting up the Smarticle subscription store with integrated payment.
Pflanzenfreund Neue Leser gewinnen
Synergy effects through a central system for subscription acquisition, billing and management
By implementing a subscription store with integrated payment for print and digital, and automating subscription management and billing.

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