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Smarticle OS is the operating system for publishers in which all processes relating to the paywall website, subscription acquisition, management and billing for print and digital are automated.


New website. New paywall. New subscription management. Everything on autopilot.
Give us your magazine PDF. We'll turn it into your website.

So automatic. So simple. So fast. So beautiful.

With each new print edition, the articles on your website are updated automatically. No touch publishing.

More than 250 Trade and special-interest magazines trust us.

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Schiel&Schön Verlags Software mup Verlag ePaper CMS für Special Intrest Verlag springer_fachmedien findet Software für die Verwaltung ihrer Abonnements AbsolutResearch_Logo bodyLIFE Subscription Management for B2B Publishers
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Včelár 100 Year old magazine goes digital and automizes Subscription Management
»311 new subscribers in 3 months and work automated for four employees.«
100-year-old magazine goes digital and automates subscription management. Customers in their 60s are becoming digital readers.
Vladimir Machalik Editor in Chief Včelár
Vladimir Machalik, Editor in Chief, Včelár, Slovakia
Digital transformation. Easier than ever.

With the introduction of Smarticle, Schwengeler Verlag has launched a digital offering as an ePaper with an innovative reading mode and a subscription store with integrated payment, thereby increasing the accessibility of its content and attracting new readers.

Graphic magazine - from two-week invoice run to full automation.
From the hand-knitted solution to Smarticle. "We invested an incredible amount of time with several employees to maintain the data, answer inquiries and write reminders. With Smarticle, we have now found a professional solution that fully automates all these work steps while meeting our high design standards"
Christian Meier
Christian Meier, Managing Director Phoenix Verlag
Say goodbye to three systems and hello to seamless integration with Smarticle!

"As a small publisher, I can enthusiastically say that the integration of Smarticle has revolutionized our work processes. Handling the subscription business is now easier and more professional than ever before. Our readers benefit from a modern and convenient reading experience that they love. Thank you, Smarticle for this innovative solution!"  Paywall website

Christine Keilholz
Christine Keilholz, Managing Director Verlag Förderbrücke Media UG
Revolution for small specialist publisher - extended reach and increased opening rate!

"As a small specialist publisher in public administration, I can only rave about the revolutionary effect of Smarticle. With this new digital offering, we have not only increased our reach, but also significantly increased our open rate. It's amazing to see how Smarticle has helped us reach our readers even better."
Paywall website

Peter Baranec, Managing Director Finanzverlag KLM
Publisher website and subscription management on autopilot.

Smarticle OS enables Teichmann Verlag to reduce the effort and costs involved in managing subscribers and maintaining its publishing website.

New sources of revenue through digital products and the new paywall website.

Paywall website

english 2
Synergy effect through centralized system for subscription acquisition, billing and management
By introducing a subscription store with integrated payment for print and digital, and automating subscription management and billing.

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