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Spare your CMS!

ePaper Software for Publishers

We create your ePaper, digitize the articles media-neutrally, take care of the SEO and offer print and digital subscriptions in your store. Everything fully automatic!

No-touch Publishing

Don’t bother with tedious production processes! With Smarticle, your ePaper issues are created completely automatically. After setup, we take care of everything else for you: production, updating new issues, and handling the entire sales process.


Your readers receive their ePaper in state-of-the-art HTML5 technology. Responsive, fast, practical and secured against illegal forwarding.


Reading Mode

Smarticle offers you the most beautiful full-service reading mode far and wide. We transform your PDFs into media-neutral XML. Our 3-stage quality process ensures a high standard. You can change or correct content afterwards via the live editor.



Have ePaper produced automatically and offered on all devices


PDF-to-XML-Digitization for reading mode included

Content Cloud

Store your content securely and media-neutrally

Multichannel Distribution

Have digital channels delivered automatically (e.g. DNB)


Automatically created table of contents incl. preview image


Archive for the sale of older issues included

When will we solve your subscription problems?

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ePaper FAQs

Content in the ePaper archive: What type of content is available? Is there a search function and how is the archive updated?

All previous issues that you upload to Smarticle are available in the ePaper archive. A cross-issue full-text search allows your readers to find specific articles quickly. Your archive grows with each new issue and is updated automatically.

Availability and optimization of the ePaper: On which devices is the ePaper available and optimized?

Thanks to its responsive design, the reading mode adapts perfectly to any end device. Whether smartphone, tablet or desktop - your content is displayed perfectly for your readers everywhere. This ensures a consistent and pleasant reading experience, regardless of which device is used.

Interactive elements in the ePaper: Does the ePaper contain interactive elements such as links to further information, embedded videos or image galleries?

Yes, the ePaper can contain interactive elements such as links to further information, embedded videos and image galleries. If you add multimedia content to your ePaper, it will be available to your readers in the frontend. This way, your readers benefit from an enhanced and richer reading experience.

Offline availability of the ePaper: Is the ePaper also available offline?

An active internet connection is required to read the ePaper. It is not possible to save issues or specific articles offline for later access. However, you can offer your readers an optional PDF download function so that they can read the content offline. Please bear in mind that the PDF files can be redistributed.

Personalization of content in the ePaper: Does the ePaper offer functions for personalizing content based on readers' interests?

The ePaper does not currently offer these functions. However, we are continuously working on the further development of our software and are examining possibilities for integrating personalized content based on the interests of readers, such as recommendations of similar articles or adaptation of the start page based on reading behavior.

Loading times of the ePaper: How quickly does the ePaper load content, especially for large issues with many images or multimedia elements?

The ePaper usually loads content very quickly, even for extensive issues with many images or multimedia elements. However, the loading time can depend on factors such as the number of pages and the complexity of the multimedia content. Basically, the more multimedia elements are embedded, the longer the loading time can be. Nevertheless, we strive for a fast loading time on different devices and network connections to ensure a smooth user experience.