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Your Subscription Store Construction Kit

Sell more print and digital subscriptions. Create your own storefronts for various marketing campaigns. Add new products yourself with just one click, and create custom price offers with automatic A/B testing.

More Storefronts, More Subscriptions

Run different storefronts – depending on your needs, you can customize your storefronts visually, in terms of content and pricing. Ideal for specials or A/B testing of subscription prices and durations.

Measure Success

Get insights on how your sales are performing and how well your storefronts are converting.


More Products, More Sales

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Subscriptions & Single Issues
Plug ’n Play for your Subscription Sale

Sell digital subscriptions, digital/print bundles and digital single issues online. Easy and fast.

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Sell Articles
Paywall for your ePaper Single Articles

Sell individual articles and contributions directly from your ePaper. Readers receive their purchased articles through password-protected access via the ePaper viewer (in layout view or as an article in read mode).

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Paywall for Time-limited Access

Offer your readers time-limited access to your publications. Time passes are convenient and popular with readers.

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Marketing Campaigns with Coupons

Crank up your subscription marketing – with voucher campaigns for your ePaper. You determine the number, type and code of your vouchers yourself.

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Generate New Contacts

With our leadwall you can make your ePaper available free of charge – users only need to register with their email address.

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Subscriber’s Login
Access for Existing Subscribers

With print subscription access, subscribers can log in for free and read your publications digitally. Ideal for selling "Print Plus subscriptions" (print + ePaper access).

Our Storefront in Action



Different storefronts for actions and A/B tests


Complete store system – simple and automatic

Digital und Print

Sell ePaper subscriptions & Digital+Print subscription bundles

Gift Subscriptions

Gift Subscriptions for digital and print


Google-optimized content

Shopping Cart

Purchase multiple products

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