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Distribute your magazines. Everywhere.

Use all channels and increase your sales revenue. Smarticle brings your ePaper to digital distribution platforms – automated and without personnel effort.

Digital Platforms

Your PDF is automatically prepared and delivered to digital distribution platforms. Whether as a complete eMagazine (e.g. Readly or Zinio) or as a single article (e.g. PMG). Sell your content everywhere!

Channels we supply: Readly, Zinio, iKiosk, sharemagazines, Newsadoo, PMG Presse-Monitor, Media Carrier, ims Internationaler Medien Service, Amazon kindle, ePub, :divibib, DNB Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, DUDENkorpus, nook, GK Media.

Archives and libraries

Archiving is annoying, but it has to be done. With Smarticle, this annoying step will be omitted in the future. We automatically deliver to archives and libraries (e.g. German National Library DNB) – and you can think about more important things.


Automated distribution

Here, too, the rule is: don’t bother with tedious processes! Both production and delivery to your desired channels are fully automated.

Post label printing

Generate your shipping labels automatically. Connect your Deutsche Post postage account and we will automatically generate your shipping labels, print them, stick them on, done!

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When will we solve your subscription problems?

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Distribution FAQs

Digital distribution platforms: On which digital distribution platforms can Smarticle distribute my ePaper?

Smarticle can currently distribute your ePaper on over 20 different digital distribution platforms. These include well-known platforms such as Readly, Blendle, United Kiosk, DNB, Zinio, IMS, iKiosk, :divibib, Media Carrier,, GoldKey Media, PMG, Lexis Nexis, GBI, Newsadoo, Dudenkorpus. If you cannot find your preferred distribution platform, please contact us so that we can check other options.

Automated distribution: How does the automated distribution of ePapers on the various platforms work?

In the Distribution module, you simply activate the desired platforms, enter your login credentials and set when the content should be exported. Everything is then done automatically. The content is automatically converted and uploaded so that no manual effort is required to supply different platforms.

Monetization opportunities: What monetization opportunities do digital distribution platforms offer?

Digital distribution platforms offer various monetization options for your content, including the sale of individual issues, subscriptions and the integration of advertising. Each platform offers specific options and models, which are explained in detail in the respective product and service descriptions of the providers. The contract with the platform, billing and payment of the revenue generated are handled directly by the providers

Control over content: As a publisher, do I retain control over my content that is distributed via Smarticle?

Yes, as a publisher you always retain full control over your content when you work with Smarticle. You can define exactly which platforms you want to supply and which content should be excluded. This way, you can ensure that your content only appears where you want it to.

Performance monitoring: Does Smarticle provide tools to monitor performance on the different distribution platforms?

Smarticle does not currently offer its own tools for monitoring performance on the various external sales platforms. The relevant information such as sales figures, subscriber numbers, reading behavior and other key figures are available on the respective platforms and can be accessed there.

Costs for the use of Smarticle - What are the costs associated with the use of Smarticle for the distribution of ePapers?

Depending on the business model (see prices), you will not incur any direct costs for the distribution of the ePaper on various distribution platforms through the use of Smarticle. However, basic fees, transaction costs or other costs may be incurred on the various platforms themselves. For details, please refer to the product and service descriptions of the respective providers.