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Distribute your magazines. Everywhere.

Use all channels and increase your sales revenue. Smarticle brings your ePaper to digital distribution platforms – automated and without personnel effort.

Digital Platforms

Your PDF is automatically prepared and delivered to digital distribution platforms. Whether as a complete eMagazine (e.g. Readly or Zinio) or as a single article (e.g. PMG). Sell your content everywhere!

Channels we supply: Readly, Zinio, iKiosk, sharemagazines, Newsadoo, PMG Presse-Monitor, Media Carrier, ims Internationaler Medien Service, Amazon kindle, ePub, :divibib, DNB Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, DUDENkorpus, nook, GK Media.

Archives and libraries

Archiving is annoying, but it has to be done. With Smarticle, this annoying step will be omitted in the future. We automatically deliver to archives and libraries (e.g. German National Library DNB) – and you can think about more important things.


Automated distribution

Here, too, the rule is: don’t bother with tedious processes! Both production and delivery to your desired channels are fully automated.

When will we solve your subscription problems?

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