Monetize your
print content in the digital world

Smarticle is the full-service platform for publishers. Digital publishing and multichannel distribution have never been so easy.

The editorial system without an editorial system

Content Management
Without media-neutral data, there will be nothing left for magazine publishing in the future. However, a publishing CMS is often expensive and complicated. Smarticle is an ingeniously simple plug-n-play solution that reduces your workload and makes your content fit for the digital world: media neutrality, separation of content and layout, and structuring of your data – the full range of content digitization as a full-service. All we need is your PDF.

Sales, just everywhere

Multichannel Distribution
Digital distribution channels are springing up everywhere. Use all channels to boost your sales revenue. Too complicated; too complicated? No more! Smarticle brings your content to all digital platforms and channels – automatically and without staff costs.

From Old to New!

Content Syndication
Publishers have a treasure in the basement to lift: lucrative evergreen content. Use your already published content – for your own editorial office or as a sales promoter through licensing. Content syndication has never been so easy.

You’re in good company

Some of our clients:

»We now generate more revenue with ePaper sales, which we offer with Smarticle directly on our website, than with our apps.«
Heinz Pinciroli
W&V, Vertriebsleiter
»For smaller publishers like us, Smarticle is a 'business model testing machine' – without any major costs, we can try out new channels and see if our content thrives there.
Hartmut Ulrich
BVA BikeMedia,

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