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Managed Services

You have to take care of far too many processes yourself – and have too little time for the really important things. Put an end to this and trust in our specialized team, which will relieve you of superfluous work. With Smarticle’s managed services, we don’t just advise, we also lend a hand.

Managed Services

With Managed Services, you get all our services in one flat rate.



Your time is valuable – that's why we take care of all the setup, settings and connections you need to make when launching a new title, from A to Z:

  • Set up PDF upload via FTP
  • Set up and customize store and archive
  • Set up app onboarding and price tiers
  • Set up and manage subscription import

Customer Success Management

You need working ideas for subscription marketing and advice on digital sales – we are here for you!

  • Comprehensive advice on the marketing tool (technical and content-related) and the subscribers function
  • Advice on implementation in the existing website (wording, pricing, storefront variants, couponing campaigns, etc.)

Support und Updates

You need fast help and competent problem solving – our support is there for you. Friendly, personal, solid, and additionally assists with updates:

  • Prepare app updates, remind you to confirm agreements, run updates, verify inputs, handle app reviews from Apple/Google.
  • Clipping direction advice
  • PDF troubleshooting and optimization
  • Clarify invoices, change account information, etc.


You’re looking for the best all-in-one solution for your digital strategy and want to get to know our software better. We provide you with practical help and intensive expert advice:

  • Needs analysis and digital strategy consulting

Software Customizations

You want to customize our software even more precisely to your requirements? No problem! With Managed Services, we advise you, determine what is possible and plan your customization project. Step 1 (requirements analysis) and step 2 (defining goals & creating an offer) are included. This means that no costs are incurred before you actually commission the software customization.


Analize problem


Define goals


Develop customization


Implement solution

When will we solve your subscription problems?

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